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Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning has been cleaning hardwood floors since 2000. Our staff of experienced hardwood floor cleaners uses high-speed rotary brushes and premium hardwood floor cleaning products for a quality wood floor cleaning result.

Hardwood floors need to be maintained regularly with periodic deep cleaning and conditioning. Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning recommends deep cleaning your wood floor several times a year for maximum durability. Invest in your home by calling 404-396-7871 to schedule your wood floor cleaning.

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning brings out the best shine on your hardwood floor.

No matter what type of hardwood floor you have, we will bring out its best with a powerful deep clean.

Whether your floor is a natural hardwood or an engineered hardwood, we’ve got the products and the tools to make your hardwood floor gleam.

Our staff will carefully move any furniture or heavy items to another location while we clean.

Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning pays extra attention to high traffic areas, like entryways. We remove scuff marks and restore worn-out areas, so the high traffic areas blend seamlessly with the rest of your floor.

Call 404-396-7871 to speak with one of our hardwood floor specialists.

Thorough deep cleaning.

Embedded dirt makes your hardwood floor look dull. Deep cleaning is the only way to remove embedded dirt, restore worn out areas, and bring back your hardwood floor’s natural luster. Whether your job is large or small, Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning hardwood floor cleaning specialists will:

  • inspect your hardwood floor for trouble spots
  • vacuum to remove surface dirt
  • deep clean, using high-speed rotary brushes
  • hand clean hard-to-reach areas
  • apply a neutralizer to restore your floor’s pH balance and to add shine
  • conduct a post-inspection to make sure you’re happy with the results

We using non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets. All Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning cleaning products have fresh, pleasant scents.

Polished perfection.

Bring out your hardwood floor’s natural warmth with a professional deep clean, guaranteed to make your floor look it’s best. Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning has more than 19 years of experience cleaning all types of hardwood floors. Call 404-396-7871 today to schedule a deep clean for your hardwood floor.